Land and Sea Tours

We expect you at your hotel at 8.00 hours, via the capital Castries the journey goes St with its old barracks plant along the Caribbean coast in the direction of the south; Lucia.

On this way we will Anse La Ray Canaries stop at some lovely places, and also where they wish it be able to they make their souvenir pictures at leisure with that; A little longer, we regard them La Ray in Anse get to know as once the original way of living of the islanders with that.

Our next longer stop is in the volcanic crater where at Soufiere the earth still seethes and smells; From here it works back to Soufriere with hold and inspection the diamond Flower guard the nature garden integrated into the tropical rain forest plan Zen Buddhism also offers the variety of the fruits next to the local ones and spices this one on the island wax and are also processed, samples are permitted; The waterfall is embedded by the rain forest flora with its beautiful colour games of the volcanic rock types to experience.

It works to the lunch to Soufriere, they are our guest with a Creole fish or we bring you to thickness Meel.Um approx. to the port after seen so much where a catamaran waits for them; Driving they swim or snorkel stop and one reach photo entry into the famous Margot Bay.Ca.gegen [] with it in the direction of the north the investor where she we wait for them and we bring them back to the hotel. During the complete day the drinks are, as well as also the lunch in Soufriere free in the vehicle and on the catamaran for you.

Children under the age 12 get a 30 % disount Minimum 2 adults